About QuickSente Loan

Loan request

At least 18 years old or above

Uganda Citizenship

Loan information:

1. Loan amount: UGX60,000 - UGX 500,000

2. Loan period: 91 days - 365 days

3. Total rate (above): 12% - 52% (APR)

4. Interest fee: 0%


If your loan amount is UGX160,000.

Payment period is 180days, and the Service rate is 25%;

the total fee should be UGX160,000 * 25% = UGX40,000.

And the total repayment amount should be 160,000+160,000*25%=UGX200,000

Repayment Example:

If you choose to make a one-time repayment, then you will make a one-time repayment of UGX200,000 after 180 days.

If you choose to make monthly repayments, your monthly repayment amount will be UGX200,000/6 = UGX33,333.33

Fee Details:

Loan principal: UGX160,000 (180 days)

Loan fee(total fee of the loan): UGX40,000(=UGX160,000 * 50%(APR)/2)

Total amount payable: UGX200,000(=160,000+160,000*50%/2)

APR: 50%